2008 R2 DC’s and SCOM

We migrated our domain to 2008 AD from 2003 AD last week and found a couple of issues via SCOM.

  • DNSSec Zone TrustAnchors  -  for this one you’ll get an alert that looks like this: Zone TrustAnchors on DNS Server dns.name is not responding to queries.
  • DNS 2008 Server External Address Resolution Alert – for this you’ll just get a failure of the alert. To be fair the same alert for 2003 has the same problem, but we had fixed that a long time ago, thus the info had been forgotten.

That’s it!

AD: find DNS records that do not age

We are about to enable scavenging for DNS here at work and needed to get a list of DNS entries that were set to not scavenge. I did it like this:

  • dnscmd /zoneprint dnszone.com >c:joe.txt
  • findstr /v "[" c:joe.txt >c:noage.txt

The text file you get at the end has the entries that don’t age. That’s it!

Note: I had a little help from Marcus on this. He has a post similar here.