Sharepoint 2013 via clientless SSL (webvpn) on CISCO ASA

I just beat myself in the head for a better part of a day on this… I was using the predefined application template for sharepoint 2013 (which is only available in ASA 9.5 or above.) and getting nowhere. The bookmark would start to open sharepoint then pause. In the end, this command fixed it.

auto-signon allow ip auth-type ntlm

Once I did that I went with the default Sharepoint 2013 configuration and everything worked like a champ. Go figure.

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  1. I have an already installed and configured SharePoint 2013 and can already access it through clinentless SSL (webvpn) on Cisco ASA but my list/document library webparts aren’t loading (templates, graphics, content editor webparts are loading, but list view webparts are not). Could your post here be something that might help? If so, can you provide more direction? Thank you!

    1. Unfortunately I cannot be of much help here. I don’t think I ever tested anything on mobile so I’m not sure whether the webparts worked or not. I’m no longer with the company and do not have access to that firewall or sharepoint instance either. Sorry!

  2. I just sent a comment but need to clarify. The webparts ARE showing on desktop computers. It’s on mobile devices (iOS and Android) where they are not.

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